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LARGE PRINT PAPERBACK. Book 1 in the Amish Millers Get Married (Amish romance) series.

Esther Miller finds herself at odds with her well-meaning yet determined mother, who is intent upon seeing Esther married off as soon as possible. Mrs. Miller has one rule: any man from the community will do, but the Hostetler men are off-limits.
Mrs. Miller has Amos Troyer in mind, and everybody agrees he is perfect for Esther -- everybody, that is, except Esther herself. When her mother's matchmaking efforts become too much, Esther hatches a scheme of her own. Turning to her charming and trustworthy friend, Jacob Hostetler, she proposes he pretend to be her boyfriend. But as their charade unfolds, Esther can't help but wonder if Jacob has ulterior motives of his own.
Soon, her once-harmless secret holds the power to reshape her life in ways she never anticipated.
Journey alongside Esther as she grapples with the weight of her secret and its unforeseen consequences. Discover the transformative power of hidden truths and the extraordinary paths they forge.

Paperback. This is a Large Print edition using the specialist Large Print font, Atkinson Hyperlegible.

 Paperback 426 pages
 Dimensions  6 x 0.95 x 9 inches (127 x 24.3 x 203 mm)
 ISBN 9781925689150
 Publication date August 21, 2020
 Publisher  Amish Romance Books


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