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Sigil Large Print (PAPERBACK)

Sigil Large Print (PAPERBACK)

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LARGE PRINT PAPERBACK. Book 5  in the USA Today Bestselling Relic Hunters TaskForce archeological adventure series. Sweet and clean suspense.

The elusive Seal of Solomon, said to be a relic of immeasurable power, remains a subject of skepticism and doubt. Yet, amidst the sea of skeptics, one organization believes in its existence—the notorious and treacherous Vortex.
A cryptic sigil supposedly holds the key to unraveling the enigma of the Seal, but as Abigail and Riley embark on their perilous adventure, they soon realize that appearances can be deceiving. 

Unforeseen challenges lie ahead, and amidst the twists and turns, a familiar nemesis resurfaces, threatening to tip the scales of their already daunting quest. As danger looms in every shadow, Abigail and Riley must summon their wits and courage to navigate this action-packed archaeological escapade. 

PAPERBACK. This is a Large Print edition using the specialist Large Print font, Atkinson Hyperlegible.

 Paperback 384 pages
 Dimensions  6 x .86 x 9 inches (152 x 22 x 229 mm)
 ISBN 9781923098060
 Publication date  May 22, 2021
 Publisher  Clean Wholesome Books

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