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  • Relic Hunters Taskforce 5 five book EBOOK BUNDLE archeological adventure ruth hartzler sweet and clean christian
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Relic Hunters Taskforce Books 1-5 (EBOOK BUNDLE)

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EBOOK BUNDLE of all 5 Books in this USA Today Bestselling Archeological Adventure series. Sweet and clean suspense.

1. Inscription.

Biblical artifacts. A rogue agent. An ancient cave.

When covert government agents demand her expertise, Dr. Abigail Spencer's life is turned on its head. What should be the safe task of translating an ancient inscription turns into a battle of survival as Abigail finds herself face to face with priceless Biblical artifacts.

Can she brave an ancient booby-trapped cave, keep the artifacts from falling into the wrong hands, and stay alive?

Inscription is a novella. The rest of the books in the series are full length novels.

2. Scroll

Dr. Abigail Spencer is an ancient languages scholar. So why do covert agents want her dead?

When Special Agent Jack Riley asks college professor Dr. Abigail Spencer to translate an ancient copper scroll, she has no idea it will lead to the lost treasure of Croesus hidden for centuries.

When they arrive in Ephesus, their contact is dead; the scroll is gone, and mercenaries sent by a covert organization are determined to kill them.

It's a race against time for Abigail. Can she reach the treasure before the killers, and manage to stay alive?

3. Papyrus.

The murder of an antiquities dealer. An ancient Egyptian papyrus. Goliath's spear. A race through an ancient labyrinth under the Black Pyramid . . .

Relic Hunters Taskforce sends Abigail and Riley to Cairo too late. Their contact is already dead, and missing is the 3,000 year-old Egyptian papyrus holding the clue to the location of Goliath's spear.

Abigail and Riley must find the papyrus, decipher the code, and navigate the labyrinth under the Black Pyramid, a structure that was unsafe as soon as it built by King Amenemhat III thousands of years earlier.

If they can locate Goliath's spear, can they keep it from the hands of ruthless agents who will stop at nothing to take the spear?
And will Abigail learn she cannot trust all those closest to her?

4. Codex.

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