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LARGE PRINT PAPERBACK. Book 1 in the Amish Millers Get Married (Amish romance) series.

From USA Today Bestselling author Ruth Hartzler comes this heartwarming story of love and forgiveness.

In the midst of rumspringa, a season of exploration and self-discovery for young Amish individuals, Noah Hostetler's life takes an unexpected turn when he loses control of a borrowed car on an icy road. The devastating accident leaves Hannah Miller and her sisters with both physical and emotional wounds.

Haunted by guilt and burdened by the weight of Hannah's unforgiving heart, Noah is determined to make amends for his mistake. However, Hannah's heart hardens with each passing day.

Amidst the backdrop of unwavering faith, both Hannah and Noah cling to the hope that redemption and healing can be found. But as they navigate the treacherous path of overcoming a painful past, they realize that rebuilding trust and rekindling a lost connection is no easy task.

Will Hannah find it within her heart to let go of resentment and rediscover the deep and loyal love she once felt for Noah? Or will the wounds of the past forever keep her heart closed to him?

In this touching Amish romance, delve into the power of forgiveness, second chances, and the enduring strength of love in the face of adversity.

(Harlequin Love Inspired publishes the mass market paperback of this book. It is available in bookstores in the US.)

PAPERBACK. This is a Large Print edition using the specialist Large Print font, Atkinson Hyperlegible.

 Paperback 408 pages
 Dimensions  6 x 0.91 x 9 inches (127 x 23.3 x 203 mm)
 ISBN 9781925689150
 Publication date July 23, 2020
 Publisher  Amish Romance Books


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