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The Amish Buggy Horse Books 1-5 (EBOOK BUNDLE)

The Amish Buggy Horse Books 1-5 (EBOOK BUNDLE)

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 5 EBOOK BUNDLE of all 5 Books  in this Amish Romance  series, The Amish Buggy Horse. 

In the Amish Buggy Horse series, a buggy horse by the name of "Blessing" is passed from one person to another, changing their lives in the process.

1. Faith

For years, Nettie looked after her aged mother Elma, a demanding woman who did not want any involvement with the community.

Now that her mother has died, Nettie is alone. She is regarded with suspicion by the local townspeople, and has had no visitors from her community for some years.

Nettie's buggy horse has gone lame and has had to be retired, but Nettie cannot afford a new horse. Just as Nettie is despairing about not having any means of transport, a lost horse appears in her driveway, bringing with him far-reaching consequences.

Daniel Glick is drawn to the lonely figure of Nettie, but Nettie wants to be left alone.

However, when Jeremiah Sprinkler tries to force Nettie to hand over her house, Daniel springs to the rescue.

As Nettie's struggles mount, she has to decide whether to take the law into her own hands.

And what will Daniel do when he discovers the secret that Nettie is hiding from him?

2. Hope

Melissa Glick is happy in her job filing paperwork for the Marriage Minded dating agency. When her boss's son is injured, Melissa must step into her shoes and interview clients. All goes smoothly until she meets the agency's most difficult client, the former Amish man Victor Byler, who is unhappy with all the arranged dates. Her boss insists that Melissa go to dinner with Victor Byler to find out the source of his issues.

What is holding back Victor Byler from finding true love?

Can Melissa stop herself falling in love with this man who does not know what he wants, and worse still, is no longer Amish?

3. Charity

Isabel, while working at the Old Candle Store, is the witness to a crime. The handsome detective heading the case left the Amish years ago due to the community's forgiving attitude to a serious crime committed on his brother. Despite the sparks that fly between them, can the two ever be together, when they have opposing views on forgiveness, violence, and punishment?

4. Patience

Patience Beiler left her community years ago due to a broken heart. Now, circumstances have forced her to return to the community. She finds herself unable to avoid Simon Warner, now a widower with two little girls, the man who caused her so much pain.
Can she break through the web of lies and deceit that have conspired against her for years, and this time, find true love? 

5. Kindness

Lydia is thirty years old, past the usual Amish age for marrying. She is convinced that no man will want her as she is overweight. In her attempts to remain invisible, Lydia's only outing is the church meeting every other week.
What happens when the handsome Eli Schrock arrives in her community and makes an instant impression on all the girls of marriageable age?
Lydia is also drawn to Eli Schrock, despite thinking that a man would never find her suitable. Tongues in the community start to wag when Eli Schrock goes out of his way to spend time with Lydia.
Will Lydia lower her barriers in time to allow Eli to see the true woman that she is, or will Eli's attention be drawn away to the more outgoing, confident girls in the community?

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