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Kindness (EBOOK)

Kindness (EBOOK)

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EBOOK. Book 5 in The Amish Buggy Horse, Amish romance series.

At thirty years old, Lydia is past the usual Amish age for marrying, and is convinced that her appearance and weight make her unworthy of love and companionship. In her efforts to remain unseen, her world becomes confined to the religious meetings that occur every other week, leaving her longing for something more. 

Everything changes when the dashing Eli Schrock arrives in her community, captivating the hearts of all the eligible young women. Lydia finds herself drawn to Eli, despite her deeply ingrained belief that no man would ever choose her. As their connection grows, whispers and wagging tongues ignite within the community.

Caught between her fears and the blossoming affection she shares with Eli, Lydia faces a critical choice. Will she find the strength to lower her barriers and allow Eli to see the remarkable woman she truly is, or will his attention be diverted to the more outgoing and self-assured girls in the community?

Will Lydia discover that beauty transcends physical appearance and accept the true desires of her heart?

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