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Hope (EBOOK)

Hope (EBOOK)

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EBOOK. Hope is Book 2 in the Amish Buggy Horse Amish Romance series from USA Today Bestselling author, Ruth Hartzler.

Embark on a tender journey of love, self-discovery, and bridging two worlds as Melissa Glick, a young and devoted Amish woman, finds herself navigating the complexities of the heart in this captivating Amish romance.

Melissa's contentment flourishes in her role at the Marriage Minded dating agency, where she diligently files paperwork. However, when her boss's son sustains an injury, Melissa is thrust into an unexpected position—interviewing clients herself.

As Melissa immerses herself in her new responsibilities, she encounters the agency's most challenging client, Victor Byler, a former Amish man dissatisfied with the arranged dates presented to him. Tasked by her boss, Melissa embarks on a journey to uncover the root of Victor's reservations.

As the layers of Victor's guarded heart gradually unfold, Melissa grapples with her growing connection to a man who appears uncertain of his own mind and, more significantly, has chosen to leave behind his Amish roots.

In this poignant tale of love and self-discovery, uncover the secrets holding Victor back from embracing true love. Witness Melissa's inner struggle as she navigates the treacherous waters of her heart, torn between her own blossoming feelings and the potential repercussions of falling for a man who is adrift between worlds.

Join Melissa and Victor as they traverse the delicate tightrope between two contrasting lifestyles, questioning the essence of love, faith, and personal identity. Will they overcome the obstacles that divide them, or will the very nature of their differences prove insurmountable?

 Discover the transformative power of love in this captivating Amish romance, where the pursuit of true happiness challenges the boundaries of tradition and were faith triumphs.

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