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Healing Hearts (EBOOK)

Healing Hearts (EBOOK)

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EBOOK. Healing Hearts is Book 1 in the Amish Second Chance, Amish Romance series. 

Embark on a heartfelt journey of redemption and love as Diana Hunt confronts her past and discovers the power of second chances in this captivating Amish romance.

For fifteen long years, Diana has sought solace in the fast-paced world of advertising in New York, deliberately avoiding her family and the haunting memories of her childhood home in Lancaster. However, a life-altering phone call shatters her carefully constructed existence, compelling her to return to the place she once called home.

Back in Lancaster, Diana finds herself in close proximity to Jethro Wittmer, an Amish man whose heart she shattered all those years ago. As the weight of their shared history hangs heavy in the air, unanswered questions swirl in Diana's mind. Is Jethro betrothed to another, and why does his presence still stir something deep within her?

The stark contrast between their worlds is undeniable, as Diana grapples with the weight of her Englischer identity and Jethro's unwavering commitment to Amish traditions.

In this tender tale of faith and forgiveness, Diana grapples with the belief that perhaps, just perhaps, God can work miracles to heal the most broken of hearts. 

Join Diana and Jethro on a journey of hope and restoration as they confront their past, face their fears, and embrace the possibility of a future where broken hearts can be made whole once again.

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