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Finding the Way (EBOOK)

Finding the Way (EBOOK)

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Ebook. Book 5 in The Amish Millers Get Married, Amish Romance series.

Immerse yourself in a heart-warming world of surprises and delightful romance with this captivating Amish tale.

Sarah Beachy's tranquil life takes an unexpected turn as a series of revelations unfold. Bound by Sarah’s father's strict decree, Benjamin Shetler is sent to Lancaster Country with the mission to persuade Sarah to return home. Yet, hidden motives lie beneath Benjamin's arrival, raising questions about his true intentions.

As Sarah delves deeper into her newfound connection with the Miller family, a sense of belonging blossoms within her. Amidst the tender bonds being formed, the presence of Nash Grayson, a wayward individual, threatens to disrupt her hard-earned happiness. Nash himself, entangled with the spirited Jessie Yoder, wrestles with troubles of his own.

Against the backdrop of serene landscapes and steadfast traditions of the Amish, Sarah embarks on a journey of love and self-discovery. Yet will there be a transformative impact upon the lives of Nash and Jessie as they navigate the challenges lying before them?

This charming Amish romance invites you to explore the enduring power of love, faith, and the strength of family ties. 

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