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Charity (EBOOK)

Charity (EBOOK)

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EBOOK. Book 3 in The Amish Buggy Horse, Amish romance series.

While working at the Old Candle Store, Isabel unexpectedly becomes the sole witness to a crime that shakes the peaceful community. Caught in the midst of this chaos is a handsome detective, who, long ago, turned his back on the Amish way of life due to the community's forgiving stance toward a grave offense committed against his own brother. 

As Isabel and the detective find themselves drawn to one another, their connection ignites a fierce internal struggle. With opposing views on forgiveness, violence, and punishment, they face an insurmountable challenge. Can love truly conquer such deep-seated differences?

 Amidst the sparks that fly between them, Isabel and the detective must uncover the truth behind the crime while grappling with the profound question of whether their love can bridge the gap between their contrasting perspectives.

In this poignant Amish romance, discover the power of love's transformative influence and the potential for understanding and growth. Follow Isabel and the detective as they navigate the complexities of their individual journeys, weaving a tale of forgiveness and redemption.

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