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Amish Bed and Breakfast Four Book Box Set (EBOOK)

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ALL FOUR novellas in this happy, feel-good, Amish Christian Romance series 

Book 1: Amish Trust
Rachel’s grandmother in Pennsylvania left a large home to Rachel and her mother, Miriam. When the two women move from Ohio to claim the house, planning to turn it into a B&B, they are shocked to see it is in desperate need of repair. To make matters worse, their nearest Amish neighbor, Isaac, is rude to them, yet Rachel is strangely drawn to him.
Will Isaac be able to overcome his past and love again?
How will Rachel and her mother turn a derelict house into a B&B, while keeping at bay treasure hunters, rival B&B owners, and Isaac’s attitude?

Book 2: Amish Haven
Now that Rachel is married to Isaac, Miriam employs the young Amish woman, Martha, to work at Eden. The vandalism escalates, the suspects again being the rival B&B owners. Yet is it vandalism, or looters searching for Captain Kidd’s lost treasure?
Martha is drawn to the Amish man, James, but is James betrothed to an Englischer? While Martha searches for love at Eden, she first has to figure out who she can trust.

Book 3: Amish Favor
With Miriam's daughter, Rachel, now married to Isaac, and her assistant, Martha, now married to James, Miriam needs help at Eden.
Debra Bedshill, the owner of the rival B&B, makes Miriam a startling offer, but is Miriam able to trust her?
Debra’s daughter, the spoiled Tiffany, arrives to work at Eden. Is this all a trap to ruin the B&B?
Will the Amish man, Ethan, be able to win Tiffany’s heart, or will she stay with her world of wealth and privilege to which she is accustomed?

Book 4 - Amish Romance
Miriam is doing her best to cope with an influx of guests, when the sheriff calls by to warn her that a cat burglar has struck in the area. Could the thief be numbered amongst her guests? Miriam begins seeing her guests in a new light, and more than one of them is acting suspiciously.
Miriam finally thinks she has discovered Jonas’s secret.
Will Miriam grasp true love, or will it forever be just out of reach?

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